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  Ep7Demon Chef Alvin Leung creates his version of a Szechuan dish for his friend, renowned singer Emil Chau. We follow a familiar face, music director Max Tu, as he takes us on a musical journey, where he and Emil work to create new sounds. Emil shares his passion for calligraphyand sings a duet in the studio with the Demon Chef - At Supper Club.

Nathan East
Emil Chau Wakin

Born in Hong Kong - Emil Chau Wakin is one of the best-loved entertainers in Asia and internationally for more than a decade. Emil's career in music has soared ever since. From 1987, he has released as many as 30 records in Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

His platinum albums such as You Make Me Happy and Sad, The Flowery Heart, Music Brings Us Together, and Emil & Friends have brought him numerous awards from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. Alongside his singing career, Wakin has appeared in a number of films – Rumble in the Bronx with Jackie Chan and has hosted numerous TV and radio shows in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he is also very active in international charitable causes, such as kidney disease charities in Singapore, the December 2000 all-star concert in Las Vegas, and the January 2002 "Take a Deep Breath" concert in Taipei to raise money for local health-care organizations.

With his friendly disposition, and passion for music, Emil Chau Wakin remains one of the most admired artists in the entertainment industry.

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